"Louise, Zoe and Tanya are seriously my faves. Everything about them is wonderful."

"I think Luke Conard puts out such good music and is really talented, he should have a lot more recognition than some artists on the charts."

#Luke Conard 

03 Sep  5

"I love Beautycrush’s style. Her lookbooks are absolutely fantastic!"

"I feel like I’m in love with Chris Kendall. He’s funny, amazing and sincere. I want to hold him in my arms."

"I’m so excited for Jim and Tanya to get married. I think they make the best couple."

"Joey and Meghan are so strong and inspirational, I love them to the moon and back, they made me who I am. I’d do anything to tell them what they mean to me."


"Christian, BriBry, Luke and Emma saved my life. I love them so much."

"I met Tanya at Vidcon and she was so swet with everyone. Now she is my favorite beauty guru."

"PJ deserves more recognition, his videos are amazing!"

I’m so sorry for the inactivity, my laptop had some problems so I couldn’t edit the confessions and post them.

back on track!


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